Welcome to
LEX Group of entities


Welcome to LEX Group of entities

LEX Group comprises a series of entities, each with a particular focus. Activities include property acquisition and development, investment in financial instruments and significant ownership stakes in operating businesses.

Our Vision:

‘To create sustainable growth and profitability through a diverse range of assets that are positive for people and planet’


The LEX Group was founded by Alan Tribe. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, the Group is active across multiple industries. Key interests include:



Acquisition of real estate for the purpose of passive investment or development.



Tactical investment in listed and unlisted securities and provision of debt funding to businesses seeking to raise capital.


Private Investment

Strategic participation in operating businesses and start-up ventures.




LEX Property holds interests in residential, commercial and industrial real estate across multiple industries and uses. Investments fit within the following categories:

  • LAND – Assets that are held for future development or benefit. These include land for agricultural, residential and commercial purposes.
  • DEVELOPMENT – Assets are developed for sale or to be retained and leased. Significant projects completed include sub-division work and developments in retail, office, industrial and hospitality.
  • MANAGEMENT – Assets under management are managed internally by LEX Property.


Assets currently controlled by LEX include:

  • LAND – LEX controls land holdings throughout Western Australia including future office space, retail, industrial and residential. The entity also holds interests in agricultural properties.
  • DEVELOPMENT – Current activities include sub-division & civil works and residential development.
  • MANAGEMENT – Assets under management include retail, manufacturing, agricultural, office and residential.




LEX Capital is a tactical investor in listed and unlisted securities. The portfolio is diverse with interests in bonds, equities, alternatives and managed funds.

  • EQUITIES – Strategically, investments are diverse and made across multiple markets and sectors to minimise portfolio risk whilst maximising returns.
  • ALTERNATIVES –Fundamentally investments are in commodities, private equity and private debt.
  • MANAGED FUNDS – Used to access asset classes where it is not practical for LEX Capital to invest directly.

Private Investment



LEX is an investor in operating businesses, providing support through management and board participation as required. Funding for start-ups is a growing area of interest.

Areas of involvement include the following:

  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Childcare

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